Friday, 28 November 2014

The overall HVDC capacitors are expected to continue to occupy a significant share of the global capacitor industry and will be a high growth market over the coming years. There are a lot of opportunities for existing players as well as for new entrants to innovate and differentiate the products in price and design, especially for niche application segments. Developed economies, such as the U.S., the U.K, Germany, and so on, have been focusing on upgrading and replacing the existing power infrastructure. Many countries in the European and Asia-Pacific regions are aggressively planning to integrate renewable energy sources, such as wind power and solar, in power grids. This will further boost the adoption of HVDC systems across the globe.
The types of HVDC capacitor technologies covered in the report are Line Commutated Converter, Voltage Source Converter, and others. The applications of HVDC capacitors discussed in the report are commercial, industrial, energy and power, defense, and other sectors. The report also covers the market for the following types of HVDC capacitors - plastic film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, tantalum wet capacitors, reconstituted mica capacitors, and glass capacitors. The HVDC capacitor market for the geographic regions including Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World (RoW) have also been included in the report.

The major drivers for the HVDC capacitor market are supportive government regulations, need for improved stability, and low transmission losses in the existing power infrastructure and demand driven by smaller, niche end-user segments. There are also some restraining factors for the market, such as high infrastructure cost and lack of standardization. A huge growth is expected for the HVDC capacitor industry, primarily due to the increasing popularity of renewable energy sources for power generation and huge demand generated for high voltage applications by smaller, niche end-user segments such as defense electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, medical electronics, and so on.

The report also discusses the future of the global market with road-map, upcoming technologies, markets, and applications with respect to HVDC capacitors. The HVDC capacitor market is rapidly growing in the renewable energy sector, which represent potential end-users for this market. The key players in this industry include ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), Epcos AG (Germany), Siemens (Germany), Alstom SA (France), Toshiba (Japan), and others.

Market by Product Type:
Market by product type includes plastic film capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors; tantalum wet capacitors, reconstituted mica capacitors, and glass capacitors.

Market by Technology:
The technology market includes Line Commutated Converter, Voltage Source Converter, and others.

Market by Application:
The global HVDC capacitor market is mainly categorized into manufacturing applications, commercial sector, industrial sector, energy and power sector, defense, and others.

Market by Installation Type:
The technology market includes open rack capacitor banks, enclosed rack capacitor banks, and pole mounted capacitor banks.

Market by Geography:
The HVDC capacitor market by geography is segmented into four different regions: Americas, Europe, APAC, and Rest of the world.

The report recognizes the market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities. Apart from the market segmentation, the report also includes critical market data and qualitative information for each product type along with quantitative analysis such as Porter’s five forces analysis, market time-line analysis, industry breakdown analysis, and value chain analysis.


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